Lindsey Stirling – My Immortal

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Thought experiment: Mathematical universe

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1284733803_formula2     So, look around to the surrounding space and all the things in it. Do you ever suspicious coincidence? Or the development of the situation (perhaps, even in a long time), took that way, that in the very end you had only to wonder «how this could even be, but still as lucky!». The sequence of events in a particular case, as a rule, causes genuine surprise, that often can be described by the phrase, «Everything is for the best». Based on this observation, I think that the Universe is mathematical. Any (ABSOLUTELY) any phenomenon in space and time, as well as all causal relationships preceding this phenomenon can be described by mathematical equations or systems of such equations.

        Example. We live on planet Earth, which revolves around a star called the Sun. Our Earth has a Moon, which appears periodically during the day between Earth and the Sun, causing a blackout. Did anyone think the Moon so less of the Sun, and so moved from the Earth, which allows it to cover the Sun completely?

     Similarly it is possible to describe not only the phenomenon as a fact, but also the results of theorizing on the basis of philosophical models. Likewise, I think it is possible to describe the social facts, as well as areas of human thought. And if the natural phenomena have a causal connection with the present times, easily described by an equation without any additional questions, – about the facts of social life can arise misunderstanding. Under the social fact means any event (phenomenon) of social life, took part in space and time.
Example. We assume social fact as interaction, i.e. the interaction between two people. Let it be in our case, – this interaction will be verbal. Accept this fact as the basic equation. Provoked by this interaction something had to serve. It is maybe two, three, five, a million or even a billion causes. For these reasons and causes, in turn, they have reasons, too. Then the first reason is already the main equation, and the rest are in the system. This model is complicated by the fact that it does not have a «parent» of the equation, i.e. the «first of the first», and the system will consist of a structure similar to that of the nuclear fusion reaction. But as in the scientific community it is considered that the universe came into existence «out of nothing and nowhere», this result is in theory quite fit into the surrounding science.
Similarly, you can describe mental survey of a particular person, and in General his way of thinking, and thus actions (and hence predict). From here you can imagine the process of predicting the future, based on proven models.

    The error is that I cannot imagine how these equations might look like. Their organization requires a precise coordinate system, with created variables for ABSOLUTELY everything in this world. Needless to say, the existence of even a small part of everything we know very little. If start from the classical mathematics, and its intrinsic accuracy, with our level of science development, this accuracy will have to seriously neglected. However, the calculation even approximate models for predictions actions of PEOPLE think this is a very big progress.

Lazy things

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Well, looks like I am too lazy to write smth to my blog… But I assure you: something BIG is coming! 

Crappy people, breaking my faith out

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muzhchiny-uhodyat-lyubovnic-vozvrashhayutsya-zhenaHey, have you ever been in soap? Have you ever even watched soap? Have you ever read soap? Well, I didn’t. But I took part in a few episodes of such crap. I think, I should call it a “life scene”. Here is a synopsis: The main heroine, Maria, met Pablo, on a coffee plantation. Pablo fell in love with her, hoping for their future together (or smth like that: now I can’t clearly understand, what exactly Pablo’s intentions were). Never mind. Maria takes him wary for the first time, but Pablo’s natural charm makes its’ job: Maria fell in love with him, too. The period of fragile things and the most important words was close, but… There was another worker on the plantation – Juan. He is a good-looking, self-confident (too much confident) young man, speaking well, what makes everyone to believe him, with no difference, what delirium he talks about. Well, he puts an eye on Maria, knowing about her slight relationships with Pablo. But he is expected by surprise: Maria prefers quiet herd Pablo instead him. Juan takes it personally as an abuse: the vengeance plan grows in his head as fast as he could imagine. The way of revenge is rather primitive: the power of dirty rumors should devastate delicate balance, which relationships in very beginning usually have. So, Juan spreads some fairytales about Pablo’s private life, trying “to prevent” Maria’s further disappointment. But something in this story goes wrong: the brilliant plan doesn’t work perfectly, so Pablo loses trust to Maria (!), thinking she’s the one who plays with him. Imagine Maria’s condition: not knowing anything about everything, but being guilty (as people say)! Well, as a result, Maria loses Pablo, the one she actually wanted to be with, and Juan to make some kind of “friendship” with her. The shit happens because of Juan, Maria is alone now.

Do you think it’s a some soap film? No. This is my damn life.

Hey, “Juan”, if you’re reading this now – burn in hell, son of a bitch!

Marcello Barenghi’s 3D painting

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LewyAlsoDraws’s Speed Painting

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This is an amazing speed painting video by LewyAlsoDraws from Youtube. The author says, that the whole paiting took about 8 hours! Cool! But I didn’t particularly realized, why it was started with Megan’s eyes – rather difficult way of painting, I think.


Roads Untraveled

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This text drove me crazy…

Weep not for roads untraveled, 
Weep not for paths left alone,
‘Cause behind every bend is a long blinding end.
It’s the worst kind of pain I’ve known.

Give up your heart left broken
And let that mistake pass on
‘Cause the love that you lost
Wasn’t worth what it cost
And in time you’ll be glad it’s gone.

Weep not for roads untraveled,
Weep not for sights unseen.
May your love never end and if you need a friend
There’s a seat here alongside me…

copyright (C) Linkin Park