Translation troubles

There are a lot of russian/italien/german words, can’t be translated in english precisely. Then I should think rapidly, trying to find some synonyms, but the primordial meaning is often being lost. Otherwise, literally translation may be pretty fun, especially 4 americans.  =))

Let’s take a look…


1. Classic russian phrase: “Да нет, наверное..” – should be translated as “NO”. But literally it sounds  “No, yeap, probably…”

2.  “крыша поехала” – is often translated as “Bats in one’s attic” or “…bee in one’s bonnet..”, but the real translation is “My roof is rolling”.

3. “Придержи лошадей” – “not so fast” – the real one is “Hold your horses”

4. Next one “ЗдорОва”. Can’t find out, why this is often translated as “What’s cooking?”. It means just “Hi”.

5. “Как это ни странно”  – “curious to relate”  – precise translation is “It’s rather strange, but…”

6. “Задолбало всё” –  “Life is killing me” – actually it means “I’m fucking fed up with it”

7. Hah, native russian phrase “не парься” – “chill [out]” – “Don’t sweat with it” =)

8. “До кучи” – “one more” – but actually “till the heaps”

9. “проще постого” – “A piece of cake”  – literally “simpler than the simplest thing”

10. “Ах, елки – палки” – “Damn” – but actually “ah, firs and wands!”

11. “Успокойся” – “keep your pants on” – “calm down”

12. “само-собой” – “it goes without saying” – “by itself”

13. “без слез не взглянешь” – “poor” – “can’t look without tears”

14. “ему медведь на ухо наступил” –  “He’s tone deaf”  – “His ears were stomped out by bear”

15. “Что и требовалось доказать” – “obviously” – “that is should be proved”

~ by Anna M. Estrie on July 10, 2011.

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