“Totally Stereotyped”

I’ve just read this article from British Guardian HERE.  I already mentioned in other social nets, that I visited Linkin Park’s show in Moscow, right? Well, don’t know, why I chose Moscow, but not Berlin or Frankfurt, especially being LPU member, now I can’t explain it. Never mind… Maybe, I was being left Russia for a very long time? Well, the russian LP’s community created little flashmob, as you know, and I was taking part in it…


It’s Thursday night in Moscow; Linkin Park are playing at the premiere of Transformers: Dark of the Moon at one end of Red Square, in the shadow of the Kremlin. The gig security consists of lines of military policemen. Suddenly, screens begin showing nuclear explosions, and the giant, troubled face of J Robert Oppenheimer – the physicist who worked on the atomic bomb, then agonised over what he had created. As we hear him intone “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”, thousands of Russian fans suddenly hold up placards, reading Wisdom, Justice and Love.

Yeah, we’ve done it!!! =)) That was pretty fun and exciting. I was holding up “LOVE”, btw. ))))

But I wanted to put  an attention for another phrase….

The gesture – at an event taking place yards away from the seat of cold war power for successive generations – is given its power because it wasn’t set up by the band, or their record label, or the film company, but by the fans themselves, virally, via messageboards.

Sure, the journalists didn’t forget to mention about Cold war and politics… and retrieve some political benefit from our collaboration. Don’t engage us into it! Damn, we DIDN’T think about Kremlin, politics, president, or cold war!!!! We only wanted to confess in love to band and make this LP’s show unforgettable for them. The rewards we got are Chazy’s flying kisses, Mike’s thankful mood and love confessions in return, and, btw, a lot of posts and re-posts of our doing. That’s what we wanted to get and we did it.

So, looks like, british joiurnalists have too stereotyped way of thinking, seeing everywhere the USSR’s symbolism. It is  still strange for me, though I stay in Europe the most part of the time. USSR doesn’t exist anymore, thank God, and that generation, growing up in Russian cities this time, doesn’t think this way at all.

Try to catch up, motherfucker ! (c) LP

~ by Anna M. Estrie on July 12, 2011.

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