Translation troubles – 2

Italian language has a number of untranslatable phrases too…


1. Acchiappare farfalle. – To do useless things – literally “to catch butterflies”.

2. Avere un chiodo fisso. – To have a hard tack . – “To have a repeating thought on mind”. Hah… XD

3. Bere d’ogni acqua. – To take what’s available – “To drink every water”.

4. Andar per rane. – To go among frogs’ throng – “to lose the topic of conversation”

5. Chiudere a sette chiavi. – To guard jealously. – “To lock on seven keys”

6. Abboccare all’amo. – It means “to stick in love-trap” – but literally “to put love in mouth”.. Where’s the link…..

7. Dare i confetti di papa Sisto. – To give Papa Sisto’s candies. – “To tell bad news”.

8. Mancare i coglioni. – To not have enough fortitude. – “The balls may mistake”.. Damn… XD

9. Piantar carotte. – To lie. – “To plant a carrot”.

10. Rompere i coglioni. – To disturb smb. – “To break the balls” (What the hell happens with their balls always? XD)

11.  Andare in bianco. – To go in white  clothes. – “To be mistaken”

~ by Anna M. Estrie on July 19, 2011.

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