24 things I’ve learned to my 24

1. Not to believe to people i love

2. Not to live in an ivory tower

3. The answer will always be “no” if you don’t ask

4. Making mistakes helps feel myself alive

5. Not to hang with unemotional people

6. Not to be a spectator only. Be an actor

7. Take a decision as quick as you can. All the signs of destiny appear for a reason.

8. Artificially create a “random” situations. Life is too short for waiting

9. Use your very little chance

10. Learn to pay attention to one thing at a time

11. Don’t regret of what you’ve done. Regret of what you didn’t do.

12. Money doesn’t change you, it reveals who you are when you no longer have to be nice

13. Speak with the “official style” to sound like an expert (really works!!!)

14. Watch to your companion’s eyes, when you talk to him

15. Digital love is nothing

16. Never wear brown shoes with a black suit.

17. Photographers are still getting screwed.

18. It’s usually better to make new relationships than to keep old ones.

19. One of the most universal causes of self-doubt and depression: trying to impress people you don’t like.

20. There will always be haters

21. Intensely research any decision that limits a large amount of your freedom.

22. People automatically devalue anything they get for free

23. Saying “no” politely is far better than saying a half-assed “yes”

24. The majority of people think they are above average.

~ by Anna M. Estrie on August 28, 2012.

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