To be broken to pieces. By love. Goodbye Love.

I not gonna whine, complain and moan, writing the post, full of depresssion, as many people do, I think you read enough of it.. But. I can’t stop thinking about it. I DID lose my love. Which grew up in me too fast, ignoring so many strange conditions there were. From the very begining everything was not right, the things were not they have had to be, but I had SO much hope. The more those conditions came, the more feelings I did restrain inside. I’m proud of myself that I tried, and used my very little chance. Well, as I expected, I lost it… I mean I lost it just from under my nose.  Like something exploded close to me and got me stunned. Maybe it’s part of normal life, but I feel myself fallen to pieces, lost of orientation and not knowing what to do next. And there are many things I can’t stop thinking about: was it me, done something wrong, that’s why I got this result? How could everything be, If we would.. If I would…

~ by Anna M. Estrie on September 24, 2012.

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