Saint Shinodic & Linkin Park obsession

Last few days I have a “Linkin Park fever”. Suddenly I remembered all LP’s shows I’ve ever been (though, I think, this is not happened suddenly… Because of Shinoda’s birth I came back to twitter, youtube, and e.t.c.). So.. I watched all LPTV episodes once again, and that’s why I got an old obsession :). I’ve been dreaming for whole last week for being able to see and hear them once again. BUT, looks like, I have to wait for their visit about a year more… 😦

Well. Let’s remember the Red Square show of 2011…

x_70433a77 y_f12528c7 wjl_flashmob_mike

 I still VERY proud, that we made a flash mob :). By the way, after that we were repeated by some, but, anyway, we made it first!

Still waiting for a new tour…

*Pictures taken through the search system.

~ by Anna M. Estrie on February 15, 2013.

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