Crappy people, breaking my faith out

muzhchiny-uhodyat-lyubovnic-vozvrashhayutsya-zhenaHey, have you ever been in soap? Have you ever even watched soap? Have you ever read soap? Well, I didn’t. But I took part in a few episodes of such crap. I think, I should call it a “life scene”. Here is a synopsis: The main heroine, Maria, met Pablo, on a coffee plantation. Pablo fell in love with her, hoping for their future together (or smth like that: now I can’t clearly understand, what exactly Pablo’s intentions were). Never mind. Maria takes him wary for the first time, but Pablo’s natural charm makes its’ job: Maria fell in love with him, too. The period of fragile things and the most important words was close, but… There was another worker on the plantation – Juan. He is a good-looking, self-confident (too much confident) young man, speaking well, what makes everyone to believe him, with no difference, what delirium he talks about. Well, he puts an eye on Maria, knowing about her slight relationships with Pablo. But he is expected by surprise: Maria prefers quiet herd Pablo instead him. Juan takes it personally as an abuse: the vengeance plan grows in his head as fast as he could imagine. The way of revenge is rather primitive: the power of dirty rumors should devastate delicate balance, which relationships in very beginning usually have. So, Juan spreads some fairytales about Pablo’s private life, trying “to prevent” Maria’s further disappointment. But something in this story goes wrong: the brilliant plan doesn’t work perfectly, so Pablo loses trust to Maria (!), thinking she’s the one who plays with him. Imagine Maria’s condition: not knowing anything about everything, but being guilty (as people say)! Well, as a result, Maria loses Pablo, the one she actually wanted to be with, and Juan to make some kind of “friendship” with her. The shit happens because of Juan, Maria is alone now.

Do you think it’s a some soap film? No. This is my damn life.

Hey, “Juan”, if you’re reading this now – burn in hell, son of a bitch!


~ by Anna M. Estrie on August 7, 2013.

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