Top 10 books I’ve been caught by for the last 2 months

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Hey. I’ve been reading a lot for a last few months. Much more then I usually do it. Well, should admit, that I’ve been caught by some veeery interesting books few times. Here they are:

10. Platon and his “Dialogies”

9.  Laurie Halson Anderson “Speak”

8.  Oliver Bowden “Assassin’s Creed: Renaissance”

7. Ray Bradbury “The Sound Of Thunder”

6. Hans Christian Andersen “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland”

5. Matthew Quick “Silver Linings Playbook”

4. Suzanne Collins “The Hunger Games”

3. Albert Camus “The Plague”

2. Bernard Shaw “Pygmalion”

1. Oscar Wilde “The Picture Of Dorian Grey”


Saint Shinodic & Linkin Park obsession

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Last few days I have a “Linkin Park fever”. Suddenly I remembered all LP’s shows I’ve ever been (though, I think, this is not happened suddenly… Because of Shinoda’s birth I came back to twitter, youtube, and e.t.c.). So.. I watched all LPTV episodes once again, and that’s why I got an old obsession :). I’ve been dreaming for whole last week for being able to see and hear them once again. BUT, looks like, I have to wait for their visit about a year more… 😦

Well. Let’s remember the Red Square show of 2011…

x_70433a77 y_f12528c7 wjl_flashmob_mike

 I still VERY proud, that we made a flash mob :). By the way, after that we were repeated by some, but, anyway, we made it first!

Still waiting for a new tour…

*Pictures taken through the search system.

Digital Art Of Apofiss

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I saw these pictures few times in net, but didn’t know exactly who they been drawn by. Well, I finally found it :). These lovely cats have been created by APOFISS (page on deviantART).

More pictures…

Alex Carlin Rocks!

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In the end of October I visited the best party I’ve ever seen :). There was a show of Alex Carlin, the musician, who plays all the rock hits and his own songs, and, of course, set the record of Guinness book for 32 hours long show. Lovely man, charming person… and beloved by women, btw :). I almost in love with him, too.  Be quick to catch his show during his next visit to Russia. No sleep, only rock-n-roll!

Check the dates

Life Scene: Alice In Wonderland. Part 1.

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Today I’ve found myself in Wonderland. The place, where the words have strange sense, and the events are combining in the intricate mosaics. And all this happened because of the folly of her own, when Alice followed the white rabbit with red eyes. It didn’t faze her that the rabbit goes to the blue car, piled high with strange things (later she noticed a lot of the same stuff, falling down the hole), and collects a strange collection. Oh no, then it was not astonished at all. Accidentally fell into the hole (which, by the way, proved to be a dangerous place), her attention was captured by the Cheshire cat (in many respects his «purring» style of talking and elegant movements). He was kind on the first look, but the claws are long and sharp teeth, why Alice had decided that he is rather dangerous.

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Life scene: The Queen Of Spades

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Let me offer you to join the game. This game takes you much, but you are not able to sacrifice necessary, in the hope of buying what is unnecessary. I wonder, why don’t you ever be tempted. No heated, nothing can dismiss you. The rates set. The party began. “Let me tell you, –  I’m speaking to you with a smile, ” that your game is strong, and no one came to this game with as such cold head as you”. Well, are you beating my card or not? All gasped. The Queen of spades lay to the right, and the Ace to the left. Ace won.  «Your Queen killed» – you tell me kindly. I could not believe my eyes, not understanding how I could be mistaken. The king of clubs rejoices.

About love once again

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If I love – I do love madly. Everything lies too deeply to tell. So let’s see the picture with smiles and sad heart…